Division of Academic and Student Affairs Scholarships & Endowments

  • Ackiss Family Army ROTC Endowment
  • Alex Miller Endowment for the University Scholars Program
  • Class of 1953/Thurman Awards for Army ROTC Endowment
  • Dan and Lois Coutcher Scholarship Endowment for Navy & Marine Corps ROTC*
  • Derick S. Close Endowment for the Enhancement of Fraternity/Sorority Systems
  • Dr. Thomas H. Stafford, Jr. Student Leadership Scholarship Endowment
  • Isaac Frank Ormond, III Memorial Scholarship Endowment
  • Richard L. Blanton University Honors Program (UHP) Capstone Award)*
  • Ronald C. Butler Leadership Endowment
  • Spilman Family Interdisciplinary Endowment for Student Success*
  • Todd Davis Endowment*

*Building to endowment

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